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Thursday, October 30, 2008

8 Fresh Content Ideas

t is tough to keep your content fresh; however, when using a combination of these fresh content ideas it will be so much easier. Some of them include free content and none of your time. Some are time-intensive and some will cost you a little bit of money, but in the end, it will definitely be worth it.

  1. Writing web pages
  2. You can write your pages yourself, or you can pay someone to write them. Adding web pages regularly is considered to be fresh content and it can make a difference to both your visitors and the search engines.

  3. Use article spinners
  4. Article spinners are programs that take an original article and alternate sentences and "spin" them to make a new article. If you are outsourcing your article writing, you can usually get a much better deal for spinable articles and your content will double.

  5. RSS feeds
  6. You can display RSS feeds on your website that include news, industry news, daily thoughts or jokes, etc. This is an option for free website content that will keep your website changing regularly.

  7. Open blog on your website
  8. Blogs are rather painless to update. Visitors actually love them and they are likely subscribe to your RSS feed if you offer the option on your blog. This gives you the opportunity to stay in contact with your visitors in addition to providing fresh content. If you don't have the time to maintain a blog, you might find a blogger for hire.

  9. Allow comments on your blog
  10. You will be amazed at the content that is provided by interested parties that choose to comment. If you do allow comments, be sure to monitor them closely and use some type of spam prevention solution. A lot of the people who comment will return to your blog to read more and their comments will be related to your content.

  11. Write reviews
  12. Product reviews, website reviews, book reviews and so forth are useful to visitors and it will increase your website content. This is an excellent fresh content idea.

  13. Visit article marketing sites and reprint articles that have the right to reprint
  14. You can pick and choose articles, pick an author that you respect or subscribe to a RSS feed from the article site. This is another free website content idea.

  15. Open a forum on your website
  16. A forum will provide actual discussion that is related to the concept of your website. If the topics are interesting and informative, visitors will return from time to time and comment or even start their own thread. Running a forum can be time-intensive, especially if you monitor postings, but many find forums to be great fresh content ideas that are worthwhile.

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