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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Blogging - How Can I Make Money With It?

It is amazing when you see the opportunities that are opening up for Bloggers to earn a regular income stream through blogging. It is always advised that Bloggers wanting to earn an income through from blogging spread their platter of financial interests and intentions across more than one revenue streams, so as not to depend solely on blogging for their livelihood. Let us look at some of the income streams available to bloggers and how they are currently making money using blogs.

Advertising Programs: The most relevant and obvious choice for bloggers has been the addition of a variety of advertising options. Adesnse or blogads are not the only choices anymore, they have more to choose from - Chitika's eMiniMalls, AVN, Pheedo, TextAds, Intelli Txt, Tribal Fusion, Adbrite, Kanoodle and Fastclick. More is expected from the upcoming MSN Adcenter and YPN both undergoing beta tests at present and with a variety of other advertising system currently being developed.

RSS Advertising: RSS has taken very big strides in the past year or so. Not that Bloggers are making a fortune out of it, but it s going the right way to generate substantial profits in the future.

Sponsorship: Sponsorship with advertisers is a trend that is catching on and certainly is looking up. Bloggers are being paid on post to post basis for writing on their blogs either on contract basis or regular basis. This trend shows a continued growth and may be the future.

Affiliate Programs: These are age old options and various affiliate programs exist like the big Amazon, Linkshare, Clickbank and Commission Junction and the thousands of others from the big to the small.

Digital Assets: Bloggers are into development of e-books, seminars and courses termed as digital assets to support and add revenue streams to their blogs. This will only increase in the future, Bloggers running training programmes online..!.

Donations: Donation buttons have been a part of blogging for years, not to mention the tip bars. Last a lot of Bloggers went on a fundraising drive. The most high profile of these would be Jason Kottke of who by the generosity of his readers, quit his job to become a full time blogger.

Merchandising: Branding of blogs has been on the upswing. This is an example of how more and more number of bloggers are trying to make a few extra bucks from their blogs by marketing branded products through programs like Cafepress. Quite a few larger blogs have seen significant sales, especially larger blogs that boast of cult fan clubs.

As time goes by, I am sure more and more blog earning opportunities will come up.


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